Aquatic bodywork aka Watsu, is a one-on-one float session, where the practitioner gently glides, moves, stretches, and applies massage techniques to the receiver in chest-deep tranquil body temperature warm water. This magical work assimilates a womb-like experience, as the body is held unconditionally in neutral space, the receiver is able to access a deep state of relaxation and drop into their sub-conscious state. Float sessions often allow for a transformational experience in one's body, mind and spirit. The float and underwater therapy modality I am practicing, is called

 'Healing Dance'. To learn all about it:  This work is also offered underwater and filled with dynamic yoga-like movements, stretches, and spins above and below water, as the practitioner works in subtle rhythm with your breath. I'm currently offering sliding scale rates 2 Wednesdays-a month in Kona, for "Healing Dance" sample float/underwater sessions until I complete my practicum. 



Heighten your sense of awareness in your body and the present moment.


Open energetic channels by clearing physical, psychological and emotional blocks.


Reach a deep state of relaxation and peace.


Allow for the water to hold time and space for profound connection to your body, spirit and the universe.