Aloha and welcome!

I have been professionally practicing bodywork since 2003 and am based in Kona, Hawaii. In each treatment, I adapt my modalities in response to the body as a whole. I assist with clearing meridian channels through Shiatsu, Reflexology and Nuero-Structural Integration. This helps facilitate reconnection of body, mind and spirit.


One of my signature massages integrates a blend and Lomi-Lomi, Deep-Tissue with Pohaku-hot stones. For deep tissue I work with your level of comfort and threshold, working the deeper fascia will allow for the body to experience a slow release of tension and relax the muscles for days after.

My Pohaku-Lomi-Lomi with hot stones is great for high intensive sports, is preventative of injury, and overall melting. 

As a blossoming lotus flower. "Open bowl of light, what shall be brought forth?"

Neutral space, unconditional presence, infinite exploration, pure potentiality.

My Kuleana here is offering and facilitating aquatic bodywork sessions. Holding that neutral space, quite literally in the fundamentals of Watsu. To be floated, then gracefully glided in a dance-like rhythum with your breath allows Chi-channels to open and the mind/body to return to its natural whole state of being and true essence.

When I came to Hawaii, I studied and fell in love with one of the top modalities' of Watsu called  "The Healing Dance" 

To learn more about the benefits: www.healingdance.org and for Watsu: www.watsu.com

Aquatic therapy has been known to bring a deep state of calm that lasts for days after the session. It is also known to help heal forgotten stored trauma and re-connects brain synapses and beings a raised level of body awareness to function at receivers' highest level daily. I have worked on a variety of conditions and seen significant results from relieving chronic pain, autism, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, pre-post natal, depression/anxiety, amputee, special-needs, migraine, post-injury to injury  prevention for athletes.

If you are seeking to access a deeper and stronger connection to your subconscious while elevate a sense of presence within yourself, please get in touch.  Mahalo

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